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About Celtic Beds

We are a family-run business based in Co. Clare in Ireland. We started our journey with traditional metalwork techniques. Since our inception, we have overhauled the business model continuously, and today, our products are shipped globally.

Even after years, we have always stayed true to our initial objective – to make handmade iron beds that are strong and sturdy and of the highest quality. Since the early 1990s, our range of iron bed designs and color options has grown exponentially. Today, we boast of a plethora of designs for both traditional and contemporary designs. For instance, our canopy beds and low-end beds have seen a massive demand amongst the customers.

The birth of the internet revolutionized our business model. What was once mainly about word of mouth and customer recommendations has bloomed into a full-scale global business. We have had sales all over Europe – with the UK, France and Germany leading markets for us. Our beds are famous across the globe, making the journey from our headquarters in Co. Clare to Canada, the United States and Australia. Celtic Beds prides itself on delivering promptly to any location; and have happy customers in the Mediterranean island of Corsica and British Columbia, to name just a few.

Bygone is the time when wrought-iron beds were available only to those who could afford the craftmanship of the 18-century designers and tradespeople. Thanks to Celtic Beds, the old practice of iron-bed making is not just living but thriving once again.

In our early years in business, Irish people drove from all over the country to see our collection and shared how it let them connect with their heirlooms.

Most customers wanted a fitting and standout piece of furniture that gave them a most comfortable sleep. Keeping pace with the growing digital age, we have expanded our business online. Now, people from all over the globe can choose from our catalogue and order what they find best.  We love seeing how our enduring products let the customers recount their childhood stories as these beds have striking similarity with the older furniture.

But even though we have grown from strength to strengths, we still believe in providing top-class quality products matched with excellent customer service.


How is it done?

There are metal or wrought-iron beds, dated from the 18th century when they were handmade by craftsman and artisans. They would hand-pour the iron castings from sand cast molds before rendering finishes of white or multiple colors with detailed gold gilding on the castings. However, only a limited number of beds were designed in this manner. The industrial revolution, unfortunately, marked the beginning of factories, which were also popular in Victorian England and the United States. The steady march towards modernization resulted in mass production methods and ultimately led to this old art form being lost almost forever.

We, at Celtic Beds, understand the luxury to lie your head on something durable, comfortable, yet unique. By staying true to the original ideas of the early craftspeople, Celtic Beds can ensure that all of your product gets all the attention it needs! We promise to build you the iron bed of your dreams!

Even today, we use the 18th-century ideals in manufacturing where each piece is cut by hand, bent by hand, and connected by hand pouring the molten metal into a mold.

The finished products are coated with polyurethane powder, keeping in mind how the baked-on process delivers a cleaner output than that of paint. It also adds to the durability while making it scratch and chip-resistant as well.

Celtic Beds values tradition. Our love for wrought-iron beds even to this day, have inspired us to keep up the family business. Keeping our tradition alive, we always strive to maintain the perfect standard in terms of quality. All of us at Celtic Beds sleep like kings and queens, and you too can.